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A look into our vision and goals for the future


Declaration of Finding Fathers Roadmap







Our team will open the community discord, while growing a strong and engaging community across all social media platforms. Remember: As a community we control the floor. The stronger we are, the more successful the project will be! We would rather have 1000 members who will hold long term than 10,000 who will sellout and ruin the floor. Transparency: We will be open about what's going on behind the scenes! Stay tuned for lots of AMA’s, and our strong marketing plan that will be shared with you.

After the first drop, we will deposit $15,000 into the future of Finding Fathers. This money will go into more promotions, floor sweeps, future drops and sponsorships with big influencers!

A member exclusive store will open to all holders. This won't be your average merch either… We don't want you looking like an idiot! Did we mention every verified holder will get a custom banner?

In preparation for future drops, we will host lots of community events with big prizes. Virtual scavenger hunts, crab game, etc. Get ready to earn some Ethereum, real life posters, and free merch!

We will give away an all-inclusive round trip vacation for two, as well as $1776 for 5 holders!
This will be done prior to our second drop.

Give back to the community with recurring gifts frequently, which include Ethereum, prizes and more! 
Start preparing for the next drop of Finding Fathers which included special themed drops!

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For all owners of a Finding Father, there will be private events, gatherings, and giveaways to everyone who has supported the collection.